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Let's put an end to your winter struggles!


We are committed to offering our customers the best value money can buy and that is why we have partnered up with the best financing partners to offer you competitive and flexible financing options. 

Building your

HEATit for

SPRING promotion

Hurry and book before May 15th and we will make your payments

for you until spring of the following year!

Building your
or stairs?

HEATit for

*Terms and Conditions

All financing is subject to credit approval. Prices shown above are based on open loans that can be paid off any time without penalty. They are advertised as examples and are based on snow melting systems installed in 700ft2 driveways or in 250ft2 walkways and do not include the landscaping costs or possible electrical entrance upgrades. Custom proposals will be prepared based on site specific conditions following a consultation with a snow melting specialist.

Customers who acquire a snow melting system before May 1st 2023 will only start making payments in Spring of 2024 but will be required to place a 5% deposit at signature. will work with your landscaping or general contractors to ensure the best results and the smoothest process. Should customers not have a landscaping contract in place, our team is available to make recommendations for a streamlined construction experience and successful installation. 

Pre-qualifying does not commit you to anything, it is simply a risk free process for you to see if you qualify for financing so you can see if you can rely on it should you want to undertake a project.


Need more information?

We know that taking the first step is always difficult. If you have any questions regarding financing or need clarifications on the promotions above, contact us.

It would be our pleasure to help you take the worry out of winter!


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