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Our Background

In 2008 a landscaping design and build company was born; Aguib Creations.

A company based on the principle of creating breathtaking outdoor living spaces while surpassing client expectations.


Ever since, Aguib Creations has built many high end projects, one more complex than the other. Always taking on new challenges, it’s founder, Eric Aguib had a vision of making Montreal winters safer and more comfortable. He applied his background

in landscape architecture, his experience in paving construction and his passion

for this mission and together with his team created a new branch of the company called A division that is concentrated on designing,

building and servicing heated driveways and walkways all under one roof.

Benefits of Driveway Heating Systems

Driveway heating systems are becoming more popular, especially places around Canada where snow is prevalent. There are many benefits of a driveway heating system. First of all, getting a driveway heating system eliminates the need to shovel snow off your driveway. One benefit of driveway heating systems is that you won’t have to deice. Salt can have a damaging effect on pavements. Without the need to deice you won’t have to worry about additional costs in the future to repair your driveway. Speaking of saving money, as long as your driveway heating system is installed properly, you won’t have to worry about

spending money on maintenance costs.


If you are in the Montréal metropolitan area and have been thinking

about getting a driveway heating system give us a call, here at

We offer driveway heating system installation throughout

the Montréal metropolitan area.





Projects Completed

33 010

ft2 of Heated Surfaces


Company Rating

Today with more than 33 000 ft2 of heated projects, Aguib Creations and continue to redefine the industry by innovating and developing new and sustainable installation techniques to increase system efficiencies, increase performance, all while allowing customers to save on long term energy costs.


When working with us, clients can expect courteous and professional service, attention to detail and transparency from all members of our team.


To experience the difference for yourself..

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