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Working here is much more than just an employment, it is a lifestyle. It is choosing to spend most of your days being part of a growing team, striving for excellence and building exceptional projects.

At we are constantly searching for talent as well as
the right attitude, below you will find a list of the available positions
within our organization

• Content Creator

The content creator is creative and skilled in the fields of photography and videography. This individual’s role is to give the company fans and future clients a peak into our everyday lives demonstrating the skill and complexity of the work but also the flavour of the organization. The Content Creator will be responsible to manage the social media platforms and making partnerships in order to grow the following base and overall company exposure. He or She will also be responsible of the overall image of the company. 

• Heavy Equipment Operator

An individual who has tasted experience operating both excavators and loaders, having the ability to plan out the excavation and base preparation process including scheduling and loading trucks, spreading material all respecting given excavation depths and base material levels. This individual needs a very good sense of awareness, well as precise handling of the equipment as well as the know how to transport the equip-ment from site to site using a truck and flatbed trailer. 

• Landscape Foreman

Orchestrator and Leader, The Foreman is the person that guides the local operation; managing the staff and ensu-ring high quality and efficient work. This individual needs to have a vast knowledge of landscape construction techniques and the ability to interpret architectural to ensure that all levels of the system flawlessly link to each other. This individual will also be responsible of the daily interactions with the client and the overall job site cleanliness and safety. 

• Landscape Labourer

Hard working person that will be responsible to aid team mates in the preparation and installation of multiple steps within the snow melting system and paving installations. We are looking for individuals who need to keep busy and will be proactive in completing tasks. 

• Landscape Technicians

Meticulous individuals who have good dexterity and experience manipulating concrete saws, skid steers loaders and compacting equipment. These members of the team are also experts in preparing grades and laying pavers.   

 Snowmelting Specialist

Systematic and thorough, the Snow Melting Specialist is responsible of the snow melting system; the sensor placements, the cable installation and the relationship between the paving systems. Individuals within this role need to have the capacity to learn how to test cables, program controllers and trouble shoot electrical panels.

• Project Manager

This individual has core values of efficiency and organization, planning the projects step by step weeks prior to their commencement. Building Gantt charts and establishing the project’s critical paths, the project manager will need to Ordering material in advance, schedule sub contractors, build client update reports, and ensure the overall timeliness and quality of the project. The project manager will need to ba able to manage multiple projects at a time.

• Architectural Technician

Responsible of producing architectural drawings for both landscaping and snow melting projects, the architectural technician needs to be experienced in 2D and 3D softwares, have knowledge of general construction techniques but also the ability to create precise and thorough sets of drawings for municipali-ties, clients and crew members to comprehend and execute.

• Become a Certified Installer

Own a reputable landscape construction company and want to offer your clients the BEST in snowmelting?

Our up and coming certification program gives you the tools and support you need to execute turn-key heated driveways, walkways and staircases all over Canada!

Join our team and let's solve winter's problems together!

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